"Dagmar’s book, is a personal journey revealing the many facets of every woman’s life. All the joys and obstacles on her path were faced with courage and passion.”  – Marie-Thérèse Clerides, French author

Welcome to my website. Is life not treating you the way you deserve it and you are looking for some help? Maybe you are just going through a divorce, a break up, or you lost a loved one? I know how much it hurts.

I would like to share with you my experience and help you to overcome your grief. I want to give you courage and show you that life can be a happy one despite of all the setbacks and without a partner.

My book I’m Alone and I’m OK will guide you to Happiness & Purpose.

Please contact me, if you would like to tell me your story, if you want to write a book yourself and don’t know how to start, or if you want to know everything about the travel club.