About the Author

Dagmar was born right after WW II in East Germany. At the age of four, one night her father escapes head over heel the communist regime to avoid imprisonment. Her mother with her three siblings follows him soon after, but tragically leaves her behind with her grandparents for six months. Love and affection is missing, therefore she becomes quite a loner.

At the age of 22 she gets married, loses her baby, and a couple of years later she gets divorced.

She follows her desire and starts travelling. First of all to Tenerife, where she lives for two years. Her next destination is London. Here she stays until her new love is calling her to Cyprus. It takes her a long time until she decides to get married again and gives birth to a delightful daughter. Unfortunately this marriage is not lasting either.

With all her setbacks, she never gives up and keeps a positive outlook on life. She educates herself by reading books on self development as well as attending seminars. Although officially retired, she does not believe in retirement and becomes a member of a network marketing company which allows her to continue travelling the world, earn extra money and have fun. Her passion is helping people to achieve their goals to happiness and fulfillment.