What People Are Saying…

“Dagmar Pashia’s life is unusual, commencing with birth immediately after WWII in East Germany, her family’s flight to the West and the many struggles of growing up underfunded in difficult circumstances. Leaving Germany for Spain and England until ultimately Cyprus makes for fascinating reading. Two marriages, two divorces and the birth of a delightful daughter enrich the narrative, and help form her remarkably optimistic philosophy of how to live well regardless of what life throws at you. Her objectivity coupled with her resilience in adversity are refreshing in an age where being a victim blaming others is becoming so common. This is a book you’ll enjoy.”

– Roddy MacKenzie, Lawyer, Life Coach & Christian Theologian, West Vancouver, Canada

“Dagmar’s book is most interesting. She has an impressive optimism and enthusiasm for life, and she is more open to new experiences and people than are most people. She notices things many people might miss, and she has an objectivity which is a great strength. One of her abilities is to let go of the hurts and of the past what is very hard for many people.”

– Roddy MacKenzie, Lawyer, Life Coach & Christian Theologian, West Vancouver, Canada

“Dagmar’s book is so exiting that you want to read it from the beginning to the end in one go. The vivid style of her writing and the icons that creates into your mind makes you feel that you are physically there. A very inspiring story. I highly recommend her book.”

– Lydia Kyriakidou, Attraction Marketing Strategic Consultant, Pafos, Cyprus

“I enjoyed reading Dagmar’s book, her personal journey revealing the many facets of every woman’s life. All the joys and obstacles on her path were often faced with courage and passion, with the knowledge of letting go and going on whatever happens. Her love for travel and adventure and the wisdom of her tips and advice make it a very valuable book.”

– Marie-Thérèse Clerides, French author, Nicosia, Cyprus

“I experienced Dagmar as a courageous, compassionate woman embracing life and all its facets with open arms. She never let adversities which were not missing on her path overwhelm her, on the contrary, a born fighter and a hard worker, she always kept her deep belief in the goodness of life. Her story will inspire other women facing separation to confront the new phase in their lives with faith.”

– Ute Woermann-Stylianou, Former Managing Director of the Goethe-Zentrum/Goethe-Institut Nicosia, Cyprus

“Reading the excellent book by Dagmar Pashia, “I’m Alone and I’m OK”, I realized that she had a very interesting life and has amassed great life experiences and survival techniques that in today’s difficult economic and social environment can be a great benefit to the reader as a roadmap to personal survival and fulfillment.”

– Stathis Papadopoulos, DC., FFEA., FICC, Chiropractor, Nicosia, Cyprus